At the 2014 reunion, the Friendship Quilt found a permanent home with Delores Mattison, wife of Del Mattison. Sunny Ross's wife, Betty, was instrumental in creation of the quilt and sadly lost her battle with cancer.




A friendship quilt is one that is created by a variety of people – some who are close in time and space – some who have never met. The Furse Friendship Quilt of 2011 was created by women who are connected through their husbands or friends who served on the Furse over several years/generations and are from all parts of the United States. One of the blocks was contributed by a couple of women from Australia as a show of their friendship to the United States. Another block was donated by a Planker!

The quilt was started in 2008 by Betty Ross who sadly lost her battle with cancer before she could see the quilt completed. The quilt pieces were then sent to Carol Kreyer who completed its construction and the machine quilting for its debut at the 2011 reunion in San Diego. Betty’s spirit was felt throughout the project of constructing the quilt with all of the lovely blocks that she was able to get people to submit.

The following people contributed to the quilt and their relationship to the Furse Reunion Association is noted.

Paula Ajello (Joe) and Anna Evans (Paula’s mother, now deceased)

Polly Arney (Polly now deceased and Fred, deceased)

Gloria Clewett (Stanley)

Jake Dare, Planker

Elsie Dugas (Louis)

Betty Anne Hotaling (Dean)

Marie Jones, Betty Ross’ Aunt

Carol Johnson Kreyer (James)

Pat Lashalls

Carol McKee (Pat)

Delores Mattison (Del)

Joan Meneghel (David, deceased and friend, Mike Brown)

Melba Meyer (Melba now deceased) (Don)

Nancy Miller (Fred, deceased)

Kathy Mullen (Bob - Planker, deceased)

Tudy Riddle (Dan)

Betty Ross (Betty now deceased) (Sunny)

Carolyn Sargent (Kay “Sarge“)

Vickie Taylor (Kermit, deceased)

Erma Tucker (Francis, deceased)

Patricia Tushaus (Kenneth)

Jackie Tuttle (Maurice “Tut“)

Cathleen Van Wicklen (Richard)

Sid Watson (John)

Maria Wilkes (James Kernen - Planker)

Linda Olsen and Dianne Pike from Australia (Friends of Betty & Sunny Ross)