History of the Casing

 USS Furse DD-882 Powder Case from a 5 inch 38 caliber gun from the Furse's four gun salvo fired at an enemy on September 1968 off the coast of North Viet Nam in the Gulf of Tonkin.  Commanding Officer CDR Michael Greely USN; Executive Officer LCDR David Bennett USN; Weapons Officer LT Stephen Braddish USNR; Gunnery Officer LTJG Thomas Reid USN; Lead Petty Officer GMC First Class Michael Browning.

At each USS Furse Reunion, the 5 inch powder casing is auctioned to an attendee. The winning bidder has his named etched on the casing plaque and has possession of the casing for one year's time until the next reunion.

2017 Winner

Bill Weeks

FT2 Bill Weeks was the 2017 winner of the shell at the 27th annual USS Furse reunion at Herndon VA. Bill served aboard the USS Furse from 1957 to 1960 as a Fire Control Technician. Bill resides in Arizona and has attended many reunions.


2016 Winner

Don Pauly

Capt. Don Pauly was presented the shell by Jackie Tuttle in honor of his 30 years of service to the Navy.  Capt. Pauly was Commanding Officer of the USS Furse from January 1963 through August 1963. Capt. Pauly oversaw the very successful FRAM conversion in the Philadelphia shipyard. 

2015 Winner

Joe Ajello

SK3 Joe Ajello (left) received the shell from USS Furse Association President Louis Dugas at the 25th Reunion held in Savannah, GA. Oct.14-18, 2015.  Joe served aboard the Furse from 1960-63 as a Storekeeper. Joe is a past treasurer of the Furse Reunion Association and has planned and organized many of our reunions including our upcoming 2016 reunion in Columbus, GA. 

2014 Winner

Louis Dugas

YN3 Louis Dugas was the 2014 winner at the 24th Reunion held in Oak Brook Terrace IL. Louis served aboard the USS Furse from 1960-62. Louis was in charge of the Post Office onboard the Furse, and currently is president of the USS Furse Reunion Association.

2013 Winner

Jim Kernen

GM3 Jim Kernen was the 2013 winner at the 23rd Reunion held at Branson, MO. Oct. 9-13 2013. Jim served aboard the USS Furse from 1945-46. Jim is one of our Plankers and has attended most of our reunions.

2012 Winner 

Delmer Mattison

TMC Delmer Mattison was the winner at the 22nd Reunion held in Baton Rouge LA. October 17-21, 2012.  Del served aboard the USS Furse from 1955-57. Del served many years as President of the USS Furse Reunion Association.

2011 Winner

Jerry Formulak

STG3 Jerry Formulak was the winner at the 21st Reunion held in San Diego CA. October 20-24, 2011.  Jerry served aboard the USS Furse from 1964-66. Jerry and his wife, Cynthia, were hosts for the 2011 Reunion

2010 Winner

Maurice "Tut" Tuttle

 BT3 Maurice "Tut" Tuttle  was this year's winner at the 20th annual USS Furse reunion held in St Louis MO, October 20-24. "Tut" and his wife, Jackie, were also awarded a service plaque for many years of hard work and support for the USS Furse Association. "Tut" served aboard the Furse from 1952 to 1956. 

2009 Winner

Eston "Sunny" Ross

 EM2 Eston "Sunny" Ross was the winner at the 19th Reunion held in New Orleans Sept. 23 - Sept. 26, 2009.  Sunny served aboard the Furse from 1959-62.  

2008 Winner

 Jacob Dare, receiving the Destroyer USS Furse Five Inch Powder Casing

 W.W.II Veteran, USS Furse Planker, Jacob Dare, receiving the Destroyer USS Furse Five Inch Powder Casing aboard the Battleship USS New Jersey on May 23, 2009. Casing was presented to Jacob Dare by Retired Captain Walter M. Urban. 

Jake passed away January 12, 2015.